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What to do When Someone you Love Dies

Many people treat grief and loss differently. Failure to understand what is happening could lead to worse emotional and physical states, as well as psychological problems. A good example is the events that occurred in Ami Shroyer’s life. She is a renowned singer, song writer, minister, and speaker, who suffered the loss of her husband. We may through so much suffering due to loss, with no clear way of handling it. Knowledge of what this loss entails would serve most of us well.

Christian believe that all power comes from God. When they are faced with losses, they have someone to turn to, to make sense of it. They know that He will handle this tragedy for them. Finding someone to listen to you has been shown to help. By describing your feelings, the mind makes a better image of what is happening.

There are those who will attempt to put off showing their emotional reaction to the loss. This is not recommended. By grieving, you will allow yourself to heal. Those who keep all that grief bottled tend to suffer physical or psychological damage due to the toxic nature of this emotion.
Grieving is not something to do halfway if you are to remain healthy. Neglecting what is happening, or being too busy to deal only makes it take more time. Once the process starts, it is wise to let it finish. This is a process that should not be rushed. Healing is a long process. This, however, does not mean it should be allowed to go on for too long. Recovery may prove impossible. If it proves too much to handle, ask for expert assistance.
Joining a group for survivors of loss will also help. Such groups provide a safe environment for those who are facing similar challenges.
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Changing your scenery has been shown to help alleviate some of the negative effects of the grieving proves. This will help you focus your mind on other things, apart from your sadness, which could be depressing and lonely.
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Have an accountability partner, to make sure you are not heading down the wrong path as you attempt to get back to normalcy after the grief is over. This person will ensure you are doing fine, despite the pain.

Keep your focus on living your life one day at a time. This is so that you can be able to handle the pressures of the loss without having to suffer for things that may not even come to pass. Burying the ghosts of the past will leave a clean slate for the future.

Reminders may plunge you into sadness past. Be prepared for this. That is part of the process. You will get past that too.

Do not forget your life. As much as it is important to grieve, life still goes on and will not stop to allow you enough time to grieve.